“Where we consistently fail is where you succeed: re-establishing education and livelihoods, healing trauma and reducing violence.”

Indonesian Director for Disaster Relief about Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia, Indonesia 2007



The Asia West Pacific Initiative of Friends Peace Teams, formerly the Indonesia Initiative, seeks to connect communities of conscience around the world with communities in the Asia West Pacific to provide opportunities for conscientious service. Building mutual friendships requires entering other worlds – worlds very different from our own and finding our common humanity. Currently, we work with survivors of war and violence, community members, teachers and young people, who are committed to peace, do not support war or violence, and do not take sides. We share a faith… across religion, class & culture …in the power of a Living Spirit to give life, joy, peace, and prosperity through love, integrity and compassionate justice among people who live in simplicity and equality. We call this our real work – seeking to live with clear consciences and to connect communities of conscience.



Programs and Locations:

We current visit in Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines and Australia, with a concern for friends in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Afghanistan, Chechnya, the Ukraine and Korea and welcome connections in other countries in Asia West Pacific.


Our work focuses on principled, people-to-people friendships, as well as Alternatives to Violence Project training in transforming power, trauma resiliency, developmental play, sustainable livelihoods, discernment and conscience.

The film, Silaturahmi: The Power of Visiting, offers a powerful sense of the work of Friends Peace Teams in Indonesia, Nepal, and the Philippines through many voices. Please consider watching this half hour video.

Write to Asia@FriendsPeaceTeams.org to schedule an interview or request brochures and postcards to share at events. As a grassroots Friends’ organization, by and for Friends, we exist to the degree that we as Friends engage in this ministry together.


FPT-AWP News: For regular updates, follow us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/fptawp. Or write to: Asia@FriendsPeaceTeams.org to subscribe to our eNews list (3-5 emails per month), to schedule an interview with your local group or media, to invite a speaker, or to inquire about travel opportunities.


Friends Peace Teams website: www.FriendsPeaceTeams.org